AliveX Portfolio Landing Page and Logo Design


  • Landing Page to provide details about the work.
  • Portfolio section for sharing previous work.
  • Pricing section with a contact form for contacting.
  • Additional pages like about, contact, terms, policies, etc.

We also did the logo design.

  • Textual logo with the text “Alive X”.
  • Version for black and white background.

Tech Overview

  • HTML for Layout.
  • CSS for Styling.
  • Javascript for Interactivity.
  • PHP for Contact forms.

For Logo Design:

  • Sketched and approved with the client.
  • Crafted in Adobe Illustrator.
  • Edited in Adobe Photoshop.

Additional Note

This website is currently down.

Jetstat Web Development

This was a custom website which was coded with HTML, CSS, Javascript and some ReactJS elements.

Logo Design

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