Wedding Vendors Catalog


  • Landing Page with Search Options, Categories, Banners, Featured Services, Testimonials, and other basic things.
  • Dynamically Generated Category pages which list all the services belonging to the category with the ability to filter them.
  • Service/Product Pages with Photo previews, prices, offers, booking reference, rating, reviews, and other basic things.
  • User registration for booking the services.
  • Vendor registration for adding their services into the catalog.
  • Important pages like about, terms, policy, etc.
  • Additional add ons like Wishlists, Admin panel, newsletter, etc.

Tech Overview

This project is solely made upon the Laravel Framework which works on PHP. Along with that Bootstrap and Javascript + JQuery plugins are used for certain functionalities.

Here is the top view of basic project structure:

  • Controllers:  Location: /app/Http/Controllers/
  • Routes: Location: /routes/web.php
  • Models: Location: /app/
  • Views (Frontend Pages): Location: /resources/views/
  • Custom Javascript: Location: /public/js/main.js
  • Custom CSS: Location: /public/css/main.css

Additional Note

Futher details and live URL of this project is classified as requested by the client.

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